Central Arkansas
Super Smash Bros.
Spring 2017

Getting Started

In 2014, Frankward began competing in the Smash Brother competitions in Arkansas. He managed to work himself up to the #1 slot in his region. In 2016, he was invited to the EVO competition in Las Vegas, NV. His favorite character has been, and always will be CAPTAIN FALCON. 

Now, Frankward hosts gaming tournaments in the Batesville, AR area, but can still be seen competing. 

Happening Now

Attack on Central (AOC) 2
November 19, 2022

Getting competition ready is a tough road, so it is always a pleasure to announce the accomplishments of those who have done well. Congratulations to SINISTER for winning AOC 2.

Competition is ON!

The Memories!

2016 with ZeRo

In the 2017 Guinness World Records Gamers Edition, ZeRo would be inducted for a win streak of 53 tournaments (actually  56).

2017 with Denti

Denti was the world’s best in Melee with Luigi and Game & Watch.

2016 EVO

This guy was the world’s best with Lil’ Mac. I lost royally!