Star Trek VHS Black Slipcover - 15 Court-Martial

Captain Kirk on trial!

Kirk’s reputation and career are at stake when he faces a court-martial for negligence. Officer Ben Finney had been taking readings in the starship’s ion pod when kirk ordered it jettisoned during an ion storm. Ship’s records show Kirk failed to warn Officer Finney, who has died as a result. Can Kirk prove he did warn Finney? Computers don’t lie – or do they?


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Star Trek VHS Black Slipcover - 15 Court-Martial



On September 8, 1966, the first Star Trek Episode aired. Celebrate the many years of Star Trek with the classic episodes on VHS tapes! This is a video from the collection released in the 1980’s. Unlike other Star Trek videos, the black-covered VHS series featured previews for the next episode (except episode 1, The Cage). This video is still sealed in its original manufacturer wrap with the Paramount Home Video mark. Comes from a Smoke-Free environment. Note: the picture shown may not be the actual video shipped. There may be varying degrees of stickers and shelf wear.

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