Star Trek VHS Black Slipcover - 26 The Devil in the Dark

The Enterprise is summoned to investigate a deadly “monster” which is menacing the miners on Janus IV. Kirk discovers that a strange rock-life being called a “Horta” has been killing the men, then escaping through solid rock! The Horta steals the air circulation pump, threatening all with death. Kirk wounds the creature, but suddenly it corners him! Will Kirk become its next victim? And how can Spock survive a Vulcan mindmeld with this alien lifeform?


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Star Trek VHS Black Slipcover - 26 The Devil in the Dark

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On September 8, 1966, the first Star Trek Episode aired. Celebrate the many years of Star Trek with the classic episodes on VHS tapes! This is a video from the collection released in the 1980’s. Unlike other Star Trek videos, the black-covered VHS series featured previews for the next episode (except episode 1, The Cage). This video is still sealed in its original manufacturer wrap with the Paramount Home Video mark. Comes from a Smoke-Free environment. Note: the picture shown may not be the actual video shipped. There may be varying degrees of stickers and shelf wear.

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