Progressive Magagement Writers

Stephen Weller

Stephen Weller was introduced to Lean while working as a manufacturing production leader. He has held the position as Plant Lean Manager for two manufacturing plants. In 2010, Stephen was sought after to consult for a hospital within surgical services where he found his passion within the health care space. Stephen’s passion led him to specializing in surgical services optimization, impacting the lives of health care professionals and improving the quality of care for patients across the nation. Stephen is the author of the Progressive Series, where his knowledge and experiences are shared in a creative manner that combines fiction with fact. Outside of work, Stephen enjoys reading, looking for old books, collecting ’80s memorabilia, and watching old sci-fi TV series on VHS.

Bob Emiliani

Bob Emiliani is a professor at Central Connecticut State University and is the author of many books that focus on driving meaningful change. He looks into the organizational behavior challenges that can create both stagnation or devaluation. He also researches the progressive management evolutions that have helped to change organizational behaviors.