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The author of the Progressive Series partners with his wife to deliver the first of an exciting Young Adult Science Fiction series. Join Keiji as he travels through time and space in search of the Kantara Scrolls in an effort to release the greatest power in the universe before an unseen enemy can take control of it.  

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See the trailer to Stephen’s new book, The Progressive Hospital: A Lean Hope. 

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Bhargav Nathwani
Bhargav Nathwani
A must-read for EVERYONE looking to improve healthcare
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I just finished reading " The Progressive Hospital: A Lean Hope" from The Progressive Book Series by Stephen Weller. Never have I ever come across a medical fiction novel that combined fiction with facts so accurately. I loved the book cover specifically because it focuses on people on the frontline, whose support and partnership are absolutely essential in bringing about sustainable changes, irrespective of the change philosophy applied. The novel takes us on an exciting learning journey from the eyes of Tim Anderson, a young analyst in a hospital, learning Lean concepts from his mentor, Kate Williams, and partnering with her to try and save the hospital on a verge of financial collapse amidst a global pandemic.
Laura B. Martinez
Laura B. Martinez
A must have! Entertaining and LEAN!
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The story line keeps you locked in as the LEAN process blooms with each page turning! I started reading it on my beach vacation and could NOT put it down. Weller is brilliant in his writing as he entertains with the characters while teaching the reader to be a LEAN expert! This book is hands down 5 stars and certainly a must have! Bravo!
Kristina Abbruzzese
Kristina Abbruzzese
Highly recommend this novel!!
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The Progressive Hospital was a captivating read which opened my eyes to potential realities in healthcare amidst a deadly pandemic. Although based in fiction, the story did a fantastic job at drawing parallels from present day, interwoven with the principles of lean. This engaing novel gave me a fresh perspective on the importance of lean implementation and a stronger sense of admiration for healthcare workers. Humorous, entertaining and thought provoking - a must read.
James Bossert
James Bossert
A Thriller that grabs you right from the start
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The Progressive Hospital by Steven Weller is not a normal book on Lean. Rather it starts like a James Bond story and just keeps going. We meet the main character in the first chapter and the story shows his journey with learning now to go beyond data and use Lean tools to transform a struggling hospital. Then a pandemic happens and things get more difficult. The story is engaging and keeps you wanting to find out what happens next. It is a combination of suspense, tragedy and humor combined with teaching the reader some fundamental concepts of lean. The ending is something you never see coming.
Jeff Kerr, MD
Jeff Kerr, MD
Reads like a thriller, teaches like a prof!
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Great Book! This is a must read for healthcare workers that want to transform their work/care environments using lean principles… And the fictionalized narrative is captivating! I am an administrator at a community hospital and I can’t wait to put some of these lean “tools” to work with my teams!!

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