Adventure through time and space with the traveler in an effort to thwart the malevolent plans of an unseen enemy by seeking the Kantara scrolls.

Author Stephen Weller teams up with his wife, Mary, on the Kantara book series to bring together a tale inspired by their many interests to include science fiction, fantasy, anime, ufology and more. 

The Progressive Book Series

The Progressive Book Series explores the subject of progressive management. 

Author Stephen Weller, inspired by his profession to deliver operational excellence solutions within healthcare, writes about the origins and history of the Lean concept with The Progressive Machine: Before We Called It Lean. 

Stephen then reverse gears by delivering an educational thriller that talks about the use of progressive management in the surgical space during a global pandemic in The Progressive Hospital: A Lean Hope. Join Tim Anderson, a young analyst, throughout his journey to understand what absolute value is within healthcare while struggling with personal challenges that have global implications.