The Traveler
Book 1

Launched January 24, 2023

Keiji, a modern young man is unexpectedly hurled into a distant past. Known as The Traveler, he learns he now has a superhuman ability.

Keiji discovers an Earth that is far different than anything he ever imagined. The planet is the focus of intergalactic attention where an imminent attack leads to an impending apocalypse. The only hope for the future lie with the Kantara Scrolls which hold the secrets to overcoming a growing malevolent force.

The Traveler embarks on a crusade to find the Kantara Scrolls. His heroic adventure will lead him to unimaginable marvels where he will be joined by dynamic characters as they head toward a climactic confrontation with an unforeseen enemy.

The Captain
Book 2

Coming 2024

After traveling to the Second Age and finding the first Kantara scroll during an attack by reptilian invaders, Keiji takes a trip through a time portal to the rustic Nineteenth Century American Wild West where he meets up with the fabled Captain Elton Blake. But Keiji is surprised to find that he is not alone. Both friends and foe from the Second Age have arrived, including the sinister Berossus, setting in motion events that will threaten the balance of power in the known universe. 

Following an unexpected meeting with Admiral Radau, a man who should be dead, Keiji learns he must seek out the second Kantara scroll. To find it, he must travel to the home world of those responsible for the apocalypse in the Second Age, the Reptilians. Under the command of Captain Blake, Keiji will leave Earth on the Endurance, an American space ship that represents an amalgamation of alien technology and Nineteenth Century industrialism. 

Keiji’s struggles to adapt to his growing powers of the mind, and Captain Blake discovers a mysterious connection to the Kantara Scroll. 

Time is running short because a mysterious ship is in hot pursuit, a new reptilian fascist empire is rising, and Berossus is closing in to take the scrolls for himself, and he will kill anybody who stands in his way. Will Keiji and the Captain be able to stop him?

The Prince
Book 3

Now Editing

With the second scroll in hand, the search for the third Kantara Scroll has begun, but this time, the enemy is one step ahead. The journey takes Keiji and his companions to the home world of Zuren, and oceanic planet where Sargin, the Prince, must come to terms with his rights as heir.  

When the scroll is within grasp, enemy forces show their hand and steal it, sparking off a chase that leads back to 1945 Earth where the unexpected becomes expected. Time becomes precious when Keiji discovers a plot to end his life when maleficent forces try to change history by destroying Keiji’s ancestral home of Kokura, Japan instead of Nagasaki.

With a showdown that will take reptilians, Nazi’s and our heroes to the moon, Keiji will at last come face to face with the one responsible for bringing the universe to its knees.

The Abducted
Book 4

Now Editing

Having acquired the third scroll, the clues to the fourth scroll reside in finding the missing parchments. The search will take Keiji and his companions home, to the 21st Century Earth, where they seek to find Andros’s brother, Ivo. 

Disaster strikes as Keiji’s mother is kidnapped, triggering the attention of the Galactic Council of Nine. The only way to save his mother is to start an intergalactic war with the reptilian Fourth Reich. 

In his journey, Keiji’s powers grow, giving him the opportunity to not only travel through time, but to alter history itself. 

Keiji finally learns the secret of the moon, and begins to understand its threat to Kantara, and the universe.

The enemy, Vrillak, gets bolder, and is now ready to confront Keiji, showing that not only can he hurt the traveler, but that he now possesses the power to kill him.