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Kantara | The Captain

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After traveling to the Second Age and finding the first Kantara scroll during an attack by reptilian invaders, Keiji takes a trip through a time portal to the rustic nineteenth-century American Wild West where he meets up with the fabled Captain Elton Blake. But Keiji is surprised to find that he did not come alone. Both friends and foes from the Second Age have arrived, including the sinister Berossus, setting in motion events that will threaten the balance of power in the known universe.

Following an unexpected meeting with Admiral Radau, a man who should be dead, Keiji learns he must seek out the second Kantara scroll. To find it, he must travel to the home world of those responsible for the apocalypse in the Second Age, the reptilians. Under the command of Captain Blake, Keiji will leave Earth on the Endurance, an American space ship that represents an amalgamation of alien technology and nineteenth-century industrialism.

Keiji’s struggles to adapt to his growing powers of the mind, and Captain Blake discovers a mysterious connection to the Kantara scrolls.

Time is running short because a mysterious ship is in hot pursuit, a new reptilian fascist empire is rising, and Berossus is closing in to take the scrolls for himself, and he will kill anybody who stands in his way. Will Keiji and the captain be able to stop him?

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