The Traveler

Keiji will be thrown back in time from the 21st century to the Second Age of man to find the Kantara Scrolls. To aid in his travels, his mind has been altered so he can understand other languages and empathize with those around him. His skull has also been outfitted with a device that allows him to maintain contact with people of the future.

The Huntress

The first of Keiji’s friends, Hazi is a huntress of giants in the Land of Darmant. Armed with a spear, bow and ax, she will protect Keiji in his travels. Hazi will face the demons of her past as she learns about the truth of her people, and the horrific fate of those she hunted for all her life.

The Reptilian

A commander within the ranks of an invading reptilian force on Earth, Andros will be captured by Keiji’s fellowship. With artificially accelerated evolution, Andros will have to prove whether he is friend or foe.

The Dragon

With a dragon by your side, you will never need a lighter to stay warm. But Enkidu will prove more valuable than simply his ability to spout fire. Amidst great loss and suffering, Enkidu’s persistence and strength will bring Keiji and his companions to places beyond imagination.

The Pilot

The son of King Sar, Sargin will use his position to lead a team to help Keiji find the first Kantara Scroll. Though he is a poor marksman, he does have a knack for piloting.

The Farmer

A peaceful and loving soul who makes a living as a farmer, Abydemus will keep the adventurers grounded with the knowledge that good still persists despite the horrors around. As a dwarf and accustomed to overcoming the odds, he will prove loyal to Keiji’s mission.

The Giant

Misunderstood, Baugi will seek help for his people, only to come face to face with the one responsible for their misfortunes. Drawn in by Keiji’s ability to communicate, Baugi will set aside his anger and forgive the one who has done him harm. With a giant on the journey, Keiji’s success should be assured.

Dragon Rider

The captain of King Sar’s guard, Mahlah will be tasked to protect Sargin during the search for the Kantara Scrolls. One of the last dragon riders on the planet, Malah will wield the key to ensure Keiji accomplishes the most vital part of his mission: communicate with a dragon.


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Aliens and Predator (1980s)

The inspiration by the movies Aliens and Predator is two-fold. First, the bad guys were strictly that – they were bad guys. There was no reasoning with them. They were deadly and merciless. To fight them, elite military units are brought in.

Battlestar Galactica

This television series has treated the imaginations of generations with the idea that human origins are other than Earth. It also explores the dangers of machines rebelling against their creators.


He told me many stories about his career, and they always stopped at a climax, just short of revealing something classified. When it was brought to his attention that a flying saucer once trailed him on the highway, his reaction was surprising.

The Time Machine

H.G. Wells had quite the imagination. In fact, the first time I read his book, The Time Machine, I was dumbfounded. The distance travelled into the future in his book was mind-boggling for me. To think that this book was written more than a century ago!

Ancient Alien

Have aliens always been among us? That could answer many questions. To some, it may answer every question! Question: Who did it? Answer: Aliens. Question: Who taught us? Answer: Aliens. All kidding aside, our planet is filled with life and much beauty. If extraterrestrial intelligence exists, then our world may very well be on their radar.

The Science

Since 1947, ufology has inspired the curiosity of many people. There have been several ufologists who have explored the subject scientifically and using research. Stanton Friedman is among the ones I gravitated to the most, mainly because, in my opinion, he strived to maintain a healthy agnostic perspective of many stories but was also clearly a believer that some flying saucers were of ‘other than human’ origins.

of the

Grotesque monsters in Jabba’s palace. Cute Ewoks on Endor. The sterile coldness of the Empire ruled by evil itself…Palpatine. The climactic confrontation between the light and dark sides. There is a lot packed into this movie, and quite frankly, I found this to be one of the most entertaining films that touched many of my heartstrings.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Another great writer, Jules Verne, tells the incredible story of an expedition beneath our feet. The book is among my favorites, but so are the movies. The 1950’s version with Pat Boone, James Mason, and Arlene Dahl is one of my most-liked movies of all time. I enjoyed the chemistry between the cast as they explored vast worlds within our world.


My wife and I have watched this movie more times than we can count. The humor intertwined with this monster film is one that we felt is very well executed to our liking. We miss you, Betty White!

Star Trek

Watching this film in the theatre is probably my favorite moving-going experience. Ricardo Montalban’s portrayal as Khan grabs me at every one of his scenes. His vengeance is cold and calculating. As powerful as he is, it will be the vastly more experienced Kirk, the self-sacrificing efforts of Spock, and the determined crew of the Enterprise that will bring our beloved ship home.

Yor - The Hunter from the Future

This was a movie that I could pop into the VCR and play repeatedly when I was a kid. The mixture of cave people, dinosaurs, and Sci-Fi into one film is a fun ride for a B-film that only gets better with a glass of whiskey (neat of course). It begins with two cave people hunt a baby dinosaur only to be attacked by the baby’s mother. Yor jumps to the rescue and hacks mommy dinosaur to death. I’m sure there is an ethical dilemma there somewhere, but I will just let that one go.


What if Sci-Fi / Fantasy fans could be part of the adventure with the characters that have thrilled them for ages? I attended my first Sci-Fi convention in 1989, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with other people with similar interests. The movie Galaxy Quest has always felt like a film meant for the fans and does not take itself very seriously at all. Stay alive Guy!

Online Bookclub Review

[Following is an official review of “Kantara” by Mary and Stephen Weller.]

Book Cover
5 out of 5 stars
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Kantara by Mary and Stephen Weller is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that takes readers on an extraordinary journey through time. The story revolves around Keiji, who is unexpectedly transported from the twenty-first century to the second age by a mysterious voice called the doctor. Tasked with finding a scroll, Keiji finds himself in the company of an intriguing 226-year-old woman named Hazi, with whom he quickly forms a deep bond.
The authors have masterfully crafted a captivating narrative filled with suspense and excitement. As Keiji and Hazi venture forth, they are met with unforeseen challenges, including being captured by soldiers. Hazi, who has broken the law, must prove herself by facing a giant in a life-or-death battle. However, as events unfold, Keiji realizes that the doctor’s initial instructions didn’t reveal the full truth about the perilous world he now inhabits—an apocalypse-ravaged land where dragons, soldiers, and giants form an unlikely alliance to combat the reptilians and other unknown races waging war against them.
The dynamic character development is a strong point in Kantara. Keiji’s evolution from an ordinary man to a courageous adventurer is enthralling, and Hazi’s enigmatic nature keeps readers guessing throughout the story. The authors deftly weave emotions into the plot, making readers genuinely care about the fate of the characters and their quests.
The world-building in this book is simply outstanding. The post-apocalyptic setting is vividly portrayed, and the intricate details of the various races and alliances add depth to the story. The inclusion of dragons brings an element of fantasy to the sci-fi backdrop, enriching the reading experience with a sense of wonder.
The pacing of the book is well-balanced, keeping the reader engaged from the first page to the last. The action sequences are intense and adrenaline-pumping, while the quieter moments allow for reflection and further exploration of the characters’ motivations.
Regarding the editing, Kantara shines as a professionally crafted work. The presence of only one minor error is a testament to the authors’ commitment to delivering a polished manuscript. The novel had no aspects to dislike.
In conclusion, Kantara is a must-read for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts alike. The gripping plot, well-developed characters, and immersive world-building make it a standout novel in the genre. Without a doubt, this book deserves a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. There is simply nothing to dislike about Kantara, as it offers an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, courage, and unexpected alliances. If you’re looking for a thrilling escape into a world of time-traveling quests and fantastical beings, Kantara is the book for you.

Amazon Reviews

A Monumental Home Run!!!

I picked up this book, and not really a guy that reads time-traveling books. Wow, I have been missing out because this one right here, Kantara the Traveler, does not disappoint. I couldn’t put the book down. I was captivated from the beginning and all the way through the book.

The writing of the Wellers is clear and very easy to read. I thought there could be areas with time travel that would be hard to articulate and leave the reader on the outside looking in. This is not the case. The whole time I felt I was there in each scene. If this is what Stephen and Mary are about, I want more.

I recommend this book to anyone. You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to appreciate this book. Any genre of reader will quickly submerse themselves in this book. I will say I didn’t finish anything productive today because I just read this great book. My hats off to Weller’s for a well-crafted story that is truly enjoyable. This is a book that I truly love.



Perfect Amalgamation of all Things Sci-Fi!

Despite only writing a few books, this author displays expertise on level with the best of them. I’ve never been able to read a sci-fi book before; whether because of the advanced language or foreign concepts. With this story, not only was I able to understand and follow perfectly as a casual sci-fi media enjoyer, but for the first time ever I experienced a true page turner. If you enjoy any sci-fi whatsoever, you more likely than not will find traces of inspiration lying around somewhere. The world is written in a manner that is hard to distinguish from reality. It feels lived in, and the characters are so real. Their personalities and emotional journey’s could really exist within our world. There is no good and evil, just pure grey.


Best Si Fi book in years

What a great read. It’s a fun and obviously written by someone that with a deep appreciation for sci fi. These two put a lot of work into this, obviously setting it up for a series.

I looked at their fan page and website which already have some incredible videos about inspiration s and research behind the book. It’s not the normal market garbage, but fun stuff I would recommend to fellow sci fi geeks and fans of ufology.


I love this book. I want to read it again and again. It is full of amazing things and can’t wait to get a physical copy.