Stephen and Mary Weller

Stephen and Mary Weller live in Texas. They enjoy spending time in bookstores, participating in fan conventions, and attending concerts. They have three sons and one daughter.

They self-published their first book, The Progressive Machine: Before We Called It Lean, in December 2019. Soon after, they were picked up by Warren Publishing. In July, 2021, they published the second edition of their The Progressive Machine: Before We Called It Lean, along with a new book, The Progressive Hospital: A Lean Hope. 

Whereas the first book was a nonfiction, The Progressive Hospital was written as an educational thriller. In that book, they drew on lessons learned from working with over fifty hospitals on their surgical programs across the Americas. These first two books became required reading for at least one Masters of Health Administration college program. Both books earned Firebird Book Awards from Speak Up Talk Radio, and the Progressive Machine Second Edition reached #2 on Amazon’s Bestseller’s list for Lean Management, and #1 as a new release for the same genre. In 2023, the Progressive books earned three second place BookFest Awards for History, Young Adult History and Medical Thriller.

In 2022, the Progressive Hospital was translated to Spanish, earning a #1 new release rating from Amazon. 

The success of The Progressive Hospital as a fictional story led convinced Stephen and Mary to finish a book that they began in October 2005; a Young Adult Science Fiction novel. This bold move would mix fantasy and science fiction to create a unique story. Seventeen years later, in January 2023, Kantara | The Traveler was published. 

Kantara | The Traveler won two FireBird book awards from Speak Up Talk Radio for Young Adult Science Fiction and Young Adult Time Travel. In 2023, the book want two first place BookFest awards (Young Adult Science Fiction & Aliens and Alien Invasion), and three second place BookFest awards (Science Fiction Action and Adventure, Science Fiction Time Travel, & Science Fiction Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic).