Before We Called It LEAN

Eli Whitney

Persisted in manufacturing interchangeable parts.

Frederick Taylor

An innovator who explored more scientific ways to approach work.

Henry Ford

Known for his assembly line, Ford’s approach to FLOW inspired many.

Clarence Saunders

A new approach in grocery shopping sparked pull thinking.

Sakichi Toyoda

Inventing machine intelligence to stop when defect are detected.

C.R. Dooley

Increasing production through training…within industry.

Kiichiro Toyoda

Having what is needed when it is needed to minimize inventory.

Shigeo Shingo

Minimizing downtime of machines through quick changeover.

W. Edwards Deming

Popularized methodical problem solving.

Taiichi Ohno

Harmonized several concepts to create a new production system.


Eyes turned to a new production approach with many benefits.


Adapting a new approach to varying industries. 

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