About Coulson Place

You are not alone. This statement is the core of our values.

Coulson Place is family owned business that has three areas of interest. First, the company writes, publishes and sells books of various genres. Second, it is an online seller of SciFi, Fantasy, Gaming and Anime merchandise. It is also a supporter of the gaming community. Our passion is to help realize dreams by bringing your passion to life. 


We are centralized in the United States. 

Core Values



Team Creativity 

Persist and Progress 

You Are Not Alone

We Believe There is a Book in All of Us

Coulson Place

Meet the Team

Tricia Collom

Tricia is a passionate writer and copy editor with a curiosity driven determination. Her previous experiences include work in Information Technology, property management and bookkeeping. She also loves training horses. She explores her creativity in everything she does. Her hobbies are ever-increasing, but she can always be counted on to play video games with friends and competitors

Steve Sulkin

Steve’s passion is improving health care. He shows organizations the burden they feel but can’t see to  engage the team in building their own progressive management system…a system that works for them, not to them. This system equips them in problem solving that is connected to their organization through alignment, accountability and cooperation real-time. 

Frankie Weller

Frankie Weller [Frankward]

Frankie has a background in banking, pharmaceuticals and automation design / programming. Frankie has the responsibilities for managing the Coulson Place Publishing Virtual office and taking the lead for sales. Frankie values the gifts of others, and empathizes with life situations, helping him to provide creative input to Coulson Place Products as the organization strives to connect concepts with practical applications. In his free time he plays video games competitively.

Michael Weller [AkatsukiKarp]

Michael is a professional gamer and has the responsibilities of managing social media for Coulson Place Enterprises. 

Stephen Weller

Stephen Weller

Stephen Weller is an award-winning author with a passion for Lean concepts, healthcare, science fiction, and literature.  His books include:

  • The Progressive Machine: Before We Called It Lean
  • The Progressive Hospital: A Lean Hope
  • Kantara: The Traveler

Stephen enjoys reading, searching for old books, collecting ’80s memorabilia, and watching vintage sci-fi TV shows on VHS.

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