An Exciting Lean Simulation with 20 University Students

Stephen, Mary, and Jonathan pose for a picture with the university students after the simulation's final round.

AN EXCITING LEAN SIMULATION WITH 20 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS THE FACILITATORS On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Stephen and his wife, Kayti, were joined the by talented Jonathan Lewis to facilitate an interactive simulation designed to empower future health care leaders to make positive change. They traveled to the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center in […]

2022 Firebird Book Award Winners

Fire Bird Winner

The Progressive Hospital and The Progressive Machine have won the Speak Up Talk Radio, 2022 Firebird Book Award!  If you order either book directly from Coulson Place, you will receive a signed copy with an award sticker. Purchase your copy of the award winning book, “The Progressive Hospital: A Lean Hope” today. This educational thriller […]

Are you a Lean thinker? Can you have a perfect Lean system?

Are you a Lean thinker? Can you have a perfect Lean system? This question may surprise you because no waste is difficult to visualize. To be asked “Can you truly be Lean?” may sound like it comes from someone who doesn’t know what lean really is. But does that matter? Are you really? Your answer […]