Captain Elton Blake is at the heart of the second book in the Kantara Scrolls series, Kantara: The Captain.

A quarter of a century ago, Stephen came up with the idea of a 19th Century American Naval captain commanding a starship. It was a crazy idea, so the story had to be just as crazy, at least from Stephen’s point of view.

Captain Blake was introduced in Kantara: The Traveler as a mysterious character at the heart of the mystery surrounding the Kantara Scrolls. An American Civil War veteran, Blake is uniquely positioned to lead characters who survived an apocalypse and traveled forward in time to the Wild West. Now he must help Keiji, The Traveler, find the second Kantara scroll. But the Captain has the mysterious ability to wield power from within the scroll, a power that can bring the fiercest of enemies to their knees.

Enjoy this exciting adventure today!

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