🎉 The Wait is FINALLY Over
The Progressive Hospital is now available in eBOOK format 📱
You asked, and we listened..
Follow the journey of healthcare professionals, as they navigate this new world of uncertainty: directly from your phone, tablet, ipad, nook, kindle and more ❗
Discover what goes on inside a hospital on the brink of closure, coping amongst a global pandemic 💉
🔗 BUY NOW: amzn.to/3AlxXkx
🌐 LEARN MORE: https://coulsonplace.com/

3 Responses

  1. Be on the lookout for the Progressive Machine on eBook. Also coming is The Progressive Hospital…in Spanish!

  2. Dont be fooled by the fictional format. The author has a very intimate understanding of the surgical environment and a long career fine-tuning surgical optimization. In order for the book to be effective as a learning instrument, it has to be delivered in a socratic, entertaining format. Well executed.

  3. A very entertaining novel! You don’t need to be particularly knowledgeable in the medical field or even lean to enjoy this! This book clearly is written from a knowledgeable perspective on the matters presented, and goes a long way toward a staple in the phrase Edutainment!

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