Is starting on time your expectation of a 21st century operating room?

Your surgery has been planned for months, and the day is finally here.

“The surgery will be quick, and your recovery will be easy. I do this all the time,” your surgeon told you at his office a few weeks prior. “Your spouse will have plenty of time to take you home and pick up the kids from school.”  

You arrive early, and are taken to be prepped for surgery, which is scheduled for 10:00 AM. Time passes. You look at the clock, and it is now 11:00 AM. Is there something wrong?

It’s now noon and you are growing more anxious and hungrier because you haven’t eaten since midnight. Even your spouse starts making contingency plans to pick up the kids from school.

You ask your spouse, “Why is it so hard to start my surgery on time? It’s been planned out for months?”

What approach have you taken to start your procedures on time, every time?

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