Stanton Friedman – Ufologist

Stanton Friedman – Ufologist Story by: Stephen Weller Edited by: Tricia Collom Illustration by: Jesseca Chester Many people associate UFOs (unidentified flying objects) with ‘flying saucers’ piloted by extraterrestrial intelligence from another planet. Students of this subject, commonly referred to as ‘ufologists’, dare to seek the answer to the question of whether humans are alone […]

Remembering Nichelle Nichols

Remembering Nichelle Nichols Author: Stephen Weller | Editor: Tricia Collom On September 8th, 1966, Star Trek aired on television for the first time. Fifty years later, on September 24th, 2016, I finally met the woman who brought kindness, love, and maturity to the bridge of the Enterprise. Prior to Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols was already recognized as a talented […]